David G. Hill

“Buying our own real estate after all these years gives us certainty over costs and our own assets.”

David G. Hill , CEO,
Raicor Contracting
Andrew Wesolowski

“The build to suit option allowed us to create the exact space we need to thrive and grow.”

Andrew Wesolowski , BC Director of Operations,
Electronic Recycling Association
Dave Szeto

“With the increasing costs of renting, we decided to look for another option.”

Dave Szeto , Principal,
GBS Construction Managers Inc.
Adam Granot

“Most other places we looked at were too small, too old or overpriced.”

Adam Granot , Co-Owner,
Breka Bakery
Introducing IntraUrban Business Parks. Industrial Strata Re-Imagined.

All over Western Canada, the cost of real estate in urban centres is soaring, while available light industrial land diminishes. Small and medium-sized businesses are left with fewer and fewer options for ownership.

PC Urban Properties Corp. recognized this, and in 2016 re-imagined what industrial strata could be. The first IntraUrban Business Park debuted near Vancouver’s Marine Gateway, selling out completely in four months. Now IntraUrban is launching in more strategically-located metro sites.

Is your business ready for IntraUrban?

Q1 2020 Vacancy Rates
Marine Gateway Vancouver
What makes IntraUrban Smarter? Location.

It’s the perfect combination of location and design. IntraUrban Business Parks are thoughtfully situated near key transportation, infrastructure and regional hubs of density.

At these prime locations, best-in-class architects and designers create brand new space specifically designed for the needs of business. With flexible unit sizes and attractive pricing, property ownership is now accessible to more businesses.

IntraUrban Business Parks
Where is IntraUrban?
South Vancouver
South Vancouver

Don't miss this chance to own your business space in South Vancouver. Choose between two perfectly positioned buildings.


Davies Street
Davies Station - South Edmonton

Davies Station is a premier development of 13 industrial condo units directly adjacent to the new Davie’s Station transit hub.

Crossroads – Surrey

A chance to get in on the evolution of the Cloverdale Town Centre. IntraUrban Crossroads has it all.

(90% Pre-Sold - Fall 2021)

IntraUrban Evolution
Evolution – Vancouver

Coming soon to Vancouver: Industrial strata space on a whole
new level.

(42% Pre-Sold - Summer 2021)

IntraUrban Brentwood
Brentwood – Burnaby

Your light industrial strata ownership opportunity fueled by smart density and transit growth right in the heart of the Lower Mainland.

Design that's almost too good to be industrial.

If you are going to own your own business space, we think you should actually love it. Award-winning architectural teams consider not just what business needs now, but what it will need in the future:

  • Range of unit sizes to accommodate varying business needs
  • Wide bay doors for efficient loading
  • Ceiling heights, column spacing and sprinkler systems designed for optimal racking and space utilization
  • Efficient interior space and contemporary storefront for increased warehouse and office potential
  • Contemporary signage opportunities
  • Proven experienced development teams ensure that quality is delivered down to the final detail
Why own? Ask an IntraUrban owner.

Owning your own space is smart business. Building equity in your own assets instead of someone else’s just makes sense. But don’t take our word for it. Read what these smart, creative IntraUrban business owners have to say:

Adam Granot
Adam Granot
Breka Bakery

We've been looking to expand for more than a year, but most of the places we looked at in Vancouver were too small,  too old or over-priced. IntraUrban is a good size, good location, good price and a good investment. After being in business almost ten years, we were finally able to make this happen. It’s a good opportunity in a market like Vancouver to own a property and give our business an asset.

Andrew Wesolowski
Andrew Wesolowski
‐BC Director of Operations,
Electronic Recycling Association

With such strong demand and low vacancy rates in Vancouver, there’s just not enough available space for businesses like ours that need warehousing and we weren’t comfortable knowing we didn’t have security when our leases came up for renewal. It was important for us to secure a space here because that’s where we have our biggest volume. IntraUrban Rivershore is the perfect location, the build to suit option allowed us to create the exact space we need to thrive and grow and to accommodate our growing fleet of trucks. And the proximity to highways and to downtown means we can serve our customers efficiently. It’s a more peaceful and productive space than we could have imagined, and we have great views of the river and mountains.

Dave Szeto
Dave Szeto
GBS Construction Managers Inc.

I’ve been in business for 10 years and almost all of that time, we have leased downtown. But with the increasing costs of renting, with triple net, property tax and our lease coming up next year, we decided to look for another option that was still in Vancouver that we could own. We found it at IntraUrban where we will have a small warehouse for our construction equipment and an office for our 14 employees. We are more than doubling our space and halving our costs. It’s a huge win and a good investment.

Sarb Mund
Sarb Mund
Commissary Connect

We are growing fast and have been looking to rent another building for a long time. But there was nothing available or suitable, so we started looking to buy. We are leasing our current space near Olympic Village where we have 28 local food businesses that rent food production facilities from us. We will keep those facilities, but we need to expand and we don’t want all the businesses we host to be at the whim of a landlord. Buying offers a permanent home for us and for them to maintain and grow their operations with certainty. In a market as hot as Vancouver, and with so little industrial space, it makes the most sense to buy.

About PC Urban - Property Re-Imagined.
Property Re-Imagined.

As industry’s relationship with rapidly developing urban centres continues to evolve and create tension, higher-value developments come from higher-value thinking.

Success comes from seeing what others don’t.

The IntraUrban concept was an evolution that started with an idea – that functionally obsolete industrial space in strategic locations can be revitalized to create developments that give more small and medium sized businesses a chance to own property and control their destiny.

This re-imagining process is what sets PC Urban Properties Corp. apart as a developer, and is the key to bringing every property to its true purpose.

Find out more about us at pcurban.ca