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We’ve made strata industrial into an art form.

When we set out to create the first IntraUrban Business Park in 2016, we knew small and medium sized businesses deserved more. From unit design to public art, we have raised industrial strata to a new level, giving more Western Canadian businesses a chance to own their future.


IntraUrban Business Park locations are carefully chosen for access to transportation, proximity to amenities, and future value potential. Each IntraUrban has locational advantages that are as unique as the businesses that call IntraUrban home.


The space is new and the infrastructure is solid. Every parking space, mezzanine, loading bay and unit finish is taken into consideration to allow for years of trouble-free operation and ongoing business inspiration.


Investing in business real estate is a wise move. Not only is your business freed from unpredictable lease costs, but equity and stability build year over year. The best time to own is now.


IntraUrban is designed for forward-looking companies by PC Urban – a developer with a track record of innovation, built from the ground up. Sold-out IntraUrban Business Parks across Western Canada speak for themselves.

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Stay on top of what the IntraUrban development team is up to, and you’re that much closer to making it your own.


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    Founded in 2010, PC Urban is a Vancouver-based real estate development company focused on recognizing the untapped potential that can transform industrial, office, and multi-family residential properties into premium urban spaces.